For many of my clients, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) has proven to be a very effective form of therapy. In addition to my years of experience in private practice, I also have specialized training in CBT.

A Little More About CBT…

CBT involves helping people see how their thoughts and behaviors relate to the way they feel and how this might contribute to their problems.


Treatment is goal-oriented, where the therapist and the client work together to develop goals. We then work step-by-step towards achieving those goals. Clients actively participate in treatment both within and between sessions. Often, clients are given task assignments to complete between sessions.


During the course of treatment, clients learn how to recognize automatic negative thoughts and realize how these thoughts affect their emotions. Clients learn how to analyze these thoughts in terms of helpfulness and learn to replace them with more productive thoughts.


CBT therapists not only make clients aware of these thought patterns, but also get them to explore new ways of thinking about themselves, their lives, and their actions. Often, establishing new thinking patterns can have many positive benefits.


CBT can be especially effective for treating:

What is CBT?



Fears & Phobias


Chronic Pain